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Sweet Inventions


Humanity never ceases to increase his knowledge, to invent and innovate. Aware of the last century only, the man set foot on the Moon and mastered the atom in addition to create antibiotics. Today, our technological and scientific advances are multiplying at a sometimes staggering pace. Since 1995, we have seen countless discoveries change our lives forever. Here are ten of the most important inventions and discoveries of the past 20 years.

Smart phones

If mobile phones have allowed us to be easily reachable, smart phones, them, us to be connected permanently to the whole world. Most computers that phones, smartphones give us access to a world of applications, software and data as well as almost all of our modes of telecommunications; and all in the hollow of a hand.

The use of stem cells

Although we know their existence for a long time, it was only from the end of the 1990s that the full potential of these cells has actually contemplated. Today, extensive research and treatment put upon to try to help patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer, palsy, Crohn's disease and many others.

The electric turn of the automobile

the electric car are now more than 100 years; it is unfortunately only since the 2000s it actually takes place on the global automotive market. Today, more and more new hybrid and electric models are appearing each year while Google launches his car "driverless" and electrified roads are emerging.

The Wi - Fi

if the invention of the Internet exists for more than twenty years, wireless accessibility is fairly recent. In fact, isn't that in 2003 than the Wi - Fi appeared as we know it today. Now universally distributed on the same frequencies and compatible to all our electronic devices, it is difficult to think that it is accessible only for 12 years.

Personal 3D printers

More and more affordable, these machines have incredible potential. Soon, 3D printers will change the way we create, but also to buy. No need to make the tour of shops when you can simply print it at home...


The technology behind the GPS or Global Positioning System exists then the 70 years, but its operational capability as it knows that of 1995. It was also until 2000 that it becomes accessible to the general public. This method of tracking satellite is a convenience that we sometimes take for granted, but its usefulness is incomparable.

The particle accelerator

the large Hadron Collider at CERN is the largest and most powerful particle accelerators. Thanks to this enormous tool, researchers and physicists in subatomic physics and Cosmology are trying to find answers to the mysteries of the creation. Recently, experiments have recently led to the identification of the Higgs Boson, a particle that enlightens us a little more on the composition of the universe.


Web sites most visited in the world, YouTube comes to the forefront. Created in 2005 by three former employees of PayPal, the Internet giant is perhaps not the greatest technological advance in recent years, but it definitely changed the way we share and access information.